Make your habits stick 

Our habit coaches keep you accountable and help you perform at your best, every day.

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    This is how it works…

    You Send us Proof
    You send us proof that you completed your habit using a communication channel of your choice.
    We hold you Accountable
    Your coach checks in with you every day to cheer you on and to hold you accountable to your habits.
    We Track your Progress

    Your coach updates your habit tracker on a daily basis and shares feedback on how you are doing. 

    This is why it works…

    We leverage real science from behavioural psychology to make your habits stick.

    Positive peer pressure keeps you accountable

    Your coach checks in with you every day through a communication channel of your choice.
    If you don’t complete your habit you’re not only letting yourself down but also your coach.

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    Short feedback loop keeps you motivated

    We motivate you to complete your habits and offer coaching on how you can optimise your performance. We also provide you with a visual habit tracker that you can check at any time to see how you are progressing.

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    Check out our reviews

    We have helped people from all walks of life implement the habits they always wanted. Here are some of the things they said.

    The Habit Coach system has helped me to reestablish my meditation practice (I have currently done 48 days consistently and see not sign of stopping). - Louis Weinstock, Founder of Apart of Me

    This service was exactly what I was looking for in helping me to achieve the healthy habits I was having trouble establishing on my own. Gabriela offers a flexible service with high expectations and full accountability. - Robyn

    Can highly recommend Gabriela's energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and her structured approach to forming and maintaining habits simply works! - Mike Davis

    I’ve been using for several months. Over that time I've managed to make a full career change to become a full time developer. has been a massive part of helping me achieve this! - Vernon, Software Developer

    Who are we?

    It is important that you know who your coach is so that you feel real social accountability for your habits.

    Our Head Coach

    Gabriela is a professionally certified life coach with extensive training in NLP methodology. She specialises in the science of habit building because she believes that consistent habits are life changing. She recently moved from the UK to Switzerland to live with her husband. In her free time she loves to hike the nearby mountains and read by the fireplace. Her favourite books are “Atomic Habits” by James clear and “Tiny Habits” by B.J. Fogg.

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    We offer flexible pricing plans that let you decide how many habits you want help with.

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    Got questions? Check out our most frequently asked questions below to better understand how our service works.

    Your coach will message you on the days on which you have committed to completing a habit.

    You will receive a personalised message in the morning to remind you of your commitments and another after you have submitted your evidence.

    If you fail to submit evidence or the evidence is not up to the agreed standards then your coach will follow up with you to see what went wrong and discuss how you can improve. 

    Almost anything you can think of! Here are some examples of the types of habits we can track and the kind of evidence you could submit to us.

    1. Weight Lifting: Photograph of the gym or screenshot or your workout app.
    2. Early Bird: Message your coach to prove that you are awake.
    3. Outdoor Cardio: A screenshot of a GPS route such as Strava.
    4. Eating Healthy: A picture of your healthy lunch.
    5. Reading: A picture of the page you are currently on.
    6. Losing Weight: A screenshot of a calorie tracker such as MyFitnessPal.
    7. Meditation: A screenshot of your meditation setup or app screenshot.
    8. Journaling: A picture of your journal with text blurred out.
    9. Daily Design Practice: A picture of the design you made.
    10. Daily Coding Practice: A screenshot of your git commit.

    Your evidence can be as creative as you want and does not need to include your face or person. We immediately delete all evidence you send us. We only need to know so that we can check off your habits.

    Your coach can communicate with you on several communications channels:

    • WhatsApp
    • Instagram
    • Email
    • Telegram
    • Signal

    Your personal habit tracker shows your habits over a period of one week alongside some key metrics. We will share a folder with you containing all your past habit trackers organised by date. This will let you track your progress over time and motivate you to keep a successful streak going.

    Research shows us that people who commit to a task, while being accountable to another person, double their chances of being successful! This makes intuitive sense. Think of all the times you showed up because someone was expecting you. Now think of all the times you procrastinated a task because nobody was watching. It’s a basic human psychology that we all share. We put you in touch with a real human being that relies on you to complete your habit. Your coach will cheer you on and voice their disappointment when you let them down.

    Absolutely not! You can specify the frequency of your habit, from once a month to several times a day.

    You better have a good reason or your coach will let you know that you let them down! Of course if you had a legitimate reason then we will totally understand.

    Yes you could… but we have yet to meet someone who does this. Most people (the type of person who uses our service) feel too guilty to outright lie to their coach. Its embarrassing if your coach finds out and makes you feel guilty for paying a monthly subscription when you're really just cheating yourself!

    We delete all personal information you send us, immediately! We do not hold onto any evidence EVER.

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